30 April 2010


Stats: 128.3 lbs
In short, I’m a hopeless whale.

But there’s more to it.
Alejandro is coming over tonight.
Alejandro (who is certainly not to be confused with the Boyfriend) has been my huh, buddy with benefit, from, huh, ahem (this IS embarrassing)… 2003.
Well, I first met him in 2001, but we first kissed (and soon after had sex) in 2003. Back then, he was engaged, and I developed a HUGE crush on him. We were neighbor, and kind of had the most amazing sex ever every night. LOL.
Then I moved on, we lost touch for a couple of months, and finally became really good friend who occasionally (read: every time I’m single (and a few time when I was NOT single, even though I can’t believe I’m confessing that)) sleep together. Because, while our relationship evolved, I’ll never find a better match than Alejandro for what concerns the sack. Oh, just for the records, he never got married (I don’t sleep with married men, although I may do an exception for Alejandro LOL).

But my real point is, Alejandro is well built, muscled and thin (even though a bit short, but still hot). More important, Alejandro likes skinny bitches. The only time he ever told me I needed to stop losing weight, well, I was down to 100lbs, and I must admit my face indeed looked worn. My BMI was somewhere around 13.
Besides that episode, the skinnier I am, the more he can’t keep his hands off from me. And since I’m a bitch, I want him to be all over me even when I’m not going to have sex with him (like today, because hey, I’m in a serious relationship, right?).

So I shall see Alejandro tonight. And I have fat hanging to my bootie like a baby monkey to its mother. Shit.

28 April 2010

Back to the gym

Of course I binged.

The only difference, it’s last night I alcohol binged.

The guys organized an aperitivo right after work, and I quickly downed 3 beers and two vodka oranges. I don’t even wanna know how many calories that means.

But I must admit, I really had fun!

At least when I got home I quickly drank 2 liters of water (I figured it would be the only way I’d manage to bring my lazy ass to work this morning) and got to bed. Needless to say, I woke up to pee what seemed 14 times (probably just once or twice however).

I got up and six, started coughing, and went on until I puked. UBER GROSS, I know. And the worst thing is, I only puked water.

I managed to get on the scale before puking however. The result: 127.8lbs. Better than nothing, but I guess it’s just because I finally got my period.

And tonight my friend Kat is coming over for dinner. And she’s a big eater, so I’ll have to cook. Plus she always makes comments if I try not to binge, so I’ll have to eat as well (of course, she’s not immune from fat, she just doesn’t care).

But I did go to the gym this morning, although I wasn’t feeling very good after puking. At least I burned some of that alcohol calories.

Oh, and THANK-YOU so much for your comments!!!

Stay thin lovelies

26 April 2010

The Binge Festival

I tried to join the weekend Binge Festival as little as possible, but of course I did not escape entirely.
So I woke up this morning at 128.9 lbs.
Awful, I know.
Plus, Boyfriend’s still in town, so he’ll want to eat tonight as well. I’m sorry to say, it’s good he’s leaving tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong: my only problem about having him at my place, is food, of course.

Whatever. I’m finally getting over my bronchitis, and my hip aches less, so tomorrow morning or Wednesday at latest, I’m going back to the gym.
I usually hit the gym early in the morning, around 7AM, and I run on the threadmill (3 to 6 miles, at 10.5km per hour, no clue how fast it is in miles), then I hop on the elliptical machine, do some abs, and then it’s time to take a shower and go to work.

This is my thinspiration of the day!!

Stay thin

23 April 2010

My vampire romance has the worst timing ever

I’m down to 126.9lbs
I shit you not.
I didn’t fast, I binged and I’m down, I shall not complain.
Also, I met Lou yesterday.

Lou is a friend of mine, who has such a twilight look, combined with the best 6 pack ever, it’s hard not to drool on him, I usually hang out with him when on vacation (he’s my buddy for canyoning and drinking when I spend time in the mountains), and I was really afraid of looking such a fattie.

He was skinny and well built at the same time as usual, but he looked so stressed he kind of lost his twilight aura.

Also, we haven’t met in months and suddenly he absolutely wanted to catch up, and what’s the big news? He quit his girlfriend.
My big news? My boyfriend is moving in with me.
Perfect timing, huh?

Afterwards I went home and slept from 5PM till this morning.
Woke up at 126.9. Coughing a tiny bit less. BUT, with a leg that hurts horribly. It hurts in bed, it hurts sitting, it hurts walking.
The solution? Pain killers, of course. In addition to the cocktail of antibiotics, pill, aspirin…

Also, this afternoon I’m leaving, just as most Fridays, to spend the weekend at the Parents’ place, also known as the Permanent Binge Festival.
I’ll try to behave!

22 April 2010


Last night I binged. Again.

And I’m taking so many medicines, I cannot even consider purging or laxies, because I wouldn’t know which medicines I’ve absorbed and which ones I’ve expelled.


I’m being hypochondriac.

I’m usually a very healthy person, the only exception being my allergies (that often bring me to stuff my face with cortisone in spring, which of course makes me FAT, but we’ll get to that in another post).

I’ve been having bronchitis over the last twelve days, and it’s getting worse. I’ve taken two whole cycles of antibiotics, liters of syrup, aspirin, whatever, you name it, I’ve tried it.
I cannot stop coughing.

It is so bad, yesterday I was sent home from work, because the others couldn’t concentrate due to my cough. Granted, this only happened because it was a very slow day at work, but do I give the idea of the situation?

I am a huge fan of In Treatment. Has anyone seen the second season? With the girl who couldn’t stop coughing and she has stage 3 cancer at her lungs?

I KNOW I just have bronchitis (my father started coughing exactly 48 hours before I did, and he’s still ill as well), but I just can’t stand it anymore. My head aches, my back aches, I haven’t slept in days, my lungs ache, all because I keep fucking coughing!

So these are my poor excuses for having indulged in 3 disgusting cookies with Nutella last night.

Still 130 lbs this morning.

I had a light breakfast, and I shall try to only have soup today and tomorrow.

Stay strong!

21 April 2010


At almost 28, there is one thing I wish more than anything else.

Getting back to the 105lbs I weighted when I was 18.

I'm 5'57 tall. I used to have a body that ROCKED.

Yeah, this was my body.
The main issue is, I cannot possibly cut junk food.
Because I don't eat junk food. I'm vegetarian, don't do fast food, but crave typical Italian food, such as a good diish of pasta with plenty of vegetables.
Furthermore, I work hard, and long hours. Yeah, I'm a damned workaholic. And even though I want to be thin more than anything else, I cannot afford losing my job. I work in the M&A consulting, and it's a tough world.
I also exercise a lot. Well, a lot if you consider how many hours I work.
And now, the moment of the truth.
I'm currently 130 lbs
BMI: 20.7
My first goal is, by May 20, dropping 10lbs
Wish me luck lovelies!