27 October 2011


Dear lovelies,

Autumn has come, and within 30 days S is moving back home, leaving the UK for good and coming home with me.
I can't tell you how happy I am. These 12 months have been hard on me, and I have missed him dearly. Now we will be back to our old routine, waking up together, walking to work together, sharing lunch with our friends, cuddling on the couch at night... oh I can't wait!!

Now our dreams are coming true
through the good times and the bad,
I'll be standing here by you!

And baby you're all that I want
when you're lying here in my arms,
I find it hard to believe: we're in heaven!

In the meanwhile, although we don't really celebrate halloween down here, I'm putting together a little halloween thinspo... I'll try to post it tomorrow!

21 October 2011

LoseIt - quick update


I got an account on LoseIt (idea taken from skinny Lina - thanks!!!)
Anyone wants to connect?
you can find me under Lucy Shadow
I would love to be connected, it would help with motivation.

Enjoy your weekend!!


20 October 2011

Namasté. I'm back, but where is my shadow?

On October 4, I left Italy and flew to Kathmandu, via Delhi.

I left in the form of an ugly cow (not a sacred one), with my awful 135lbs and 21.4BMI (61.2kg).
I decided I had to live this journey, and I mean to really live it and stop thinking about my body.

It was a physical and spiritual journey, hiking almost 200km, from 800mt to 5416mt, walking through the Himalayan peaks that surround the Annapurna, walking with people from many countries.

We started from the rain forest, surrounded by huge butterflies and monkeys, walked through higher woods, where a musk deer suddenly crossed our path one morning at dawn, reached the pine trees, where long donkey caravans carried all kind of objects.
Then we've seen the Tibetan refugees harvesting buckwheat in the sunset, while we made prayer wheels spin, we hiked more, where no more trees grew and yaks are bred, and then climbed up until we reached the ice.
Finally, after the pass at 5.416 (Thorong La), we started the descent through Mustang and the Kali Gandaki, walked some more through a sand storm, and then, it was over.

I will post some pics, but it will take 10 days or so before I get them.

I did lose a little (am currently 132.9lbs, BMI 21.1 (60.3kg), but I think I also gained some muscle weight.

S is moving back from London at some point around the end of November.
In the meanwhile, we all know what I need to do, n'est ce pas?

PS Marcus, did you erase the blog or something? I miss you my friend.