21 December 2016

They talk

They talk about me
an easy woman
facing hardness in an easy day

They said about me
that I'll end up alone
but with time I've chosen,
and I know who I will be.

They talk about you
that have no rules
people talk and never listen

They talk about me
I don't love myself
but tenderness is all I really want

They said about me
I'm no longer what I used to be
but this is what I am

They talk about us
they're all against us
but you are like me
I know you'll stand by me

They said about me
I'm no longer like I used to be
but this is me!

02 December 2016

The magic mountain

My co-worker was diagnosed with tbc a couple weeks ago, so this morning I went in to be tested. Results on Monday, and I'll be further tested in two months.

I've adored reading Thomas Mann's "The magic mountain". Sadly, nowadays they don't send you to Davos if you are diagnosed with tbc. So let's just hope the test proves negative.

At 58kg (128lbs) I'm at the lowest weight of the year. I have my husband's new work Christmas party on the 19th. If only I could manage to drop another 1.5kg...