30 November 2016

Nepal pics

Hello from the other side, I must have written a thousand times, to tell you I'm sorry, for everything that I've done, but when I binge it never seems to matter.

Hello from the outside, at least I can say that I tried, to tell you I'm sorry, for breaking my fast, but my fatness clearly, doesn't break you apart anymore.

It's no secret that the both of us, will never be skinny enough.

Some pics from Nepal
Kala Pattar, 5,550mt. Thin air, hazy thinking.

Tibetan woman cutting wood for her stove

Mount Ama Dablan

Somehow, he still loves me (truly yours is obviously the chubby on the right)

22 November 2016

back from Nepal, 7.1lbs dropped

I'm back, and yes, I did shred 7.1lbs. That's 3.2kg.
I must admit a tiny portion might be due to the fact I was sick for 24 hours, but even before that I could feel my trousers falling off my hips.
Now I need to maintain for at least a week, before I can start restricting.
Pics will come later

03 November 2016

Off to Nepal

It crept on me like a ghost
noiselessly, slowly, while the mists of the coming winter were thickening.

The only times it made a small, quiet noise, a voice covered it telling me "you deserved it".
Ah, such a beautiful, splendid lie.

And now it's almost time to leave for Nepal, my plane is in 50 hours, and the scale shows a horrible 135lbs.

Kate Bush used to sing about the Tengboche monastry in Wild Man. Let's hope they do not mistake me for a yeti.

PS I sofar ran 800km this year, but compared to the lovely Aye Ell 50km in one days, it sounds silly. Whatever I'm still bragging about it

The schoolmaster of Darjeeling said he saw you by the Tengboche Monastery.
  You were playing in the snow. You were banging on the doors. You got up on the roof, Roof of the World.
    You were pulling up the rhodedendrons. Loping down the mountain.
      They want to know you. They will hunt you down, then they will kill you.
        Run away, run away, run away...
          While crossing the Lhakpa-La something jumped down from the rocks.
          In the remote Garo Hills by Dipu Marak we found footprints in the snow.
        We found your footprints in the snow. We brushed them all away...
          From the Sherpas of Annapurna to the Rinpoche of Qinghai.
        Shepherds from Mount Kailash to Himal Pradesh found footprints in the snow.

You’re not a langur monkey nor a big brown bear – You’re the Wild Man.
They say they saw you drowned near the Rongbuk Glacier.
  They want to hunt you down. You’re not an animal.
    The Lamas say you’re not an animal.