27 May 2013

Blogger on vacation

If you look for me

I'll be here

I'll be fine
Actually, I'll be doing great.
I should be back by June 10, unless I decide not to come back ;-)


24 May 2013

Almost ready, almost dying

We all know the scale never lies
After all, I've only dropped 2.5kg
Yet everybody tells me "you look so much skinnier"
In the end, even I have to admit that, when I look into the mirror, I can see differences
Yet the weight's there.

The I went shopping there. Brought 5 pairs of trousers into the changing room, all of them were too big. That felt good man.

Could it be real? Could it be that I've really shifted from fat to muscle?

In any case

in 100hours I'll be in Greece
Asthma is killing me, and I can't wait to be by the sea
At night, sometimes, I cough so hard I end up crashing blood. It feels like dying.

Fuck off work fuck off everything

Big party tonight, it'll be snowing, it's a good way, I can't manage alcohol right now, it reduces my already small ability to breath
Then Sat and Sun will be dedicated to the gym
One quick training on Mon morning and by Tuesday I'll be laying in sun.

I even bought a bikini

14 May 2013


the promotion.

After two years of sacrifices, I seriously thought I would be the one to make it.

Clearly, I'm not good enough.


02 May 2013

Fitspo porn - 30days challenge

Since I can't seem to lose weight I decided to embrak in something I've already managed in the past.
I'm leaving for Greece (=bikini) on May 28, so I started my 30 days challenge, bu which I mean that I have to train at least 25 times in 30 days.
Training in this case means:
- running 4 to 5 miles AT LEAST three times a week (5 to 7km)
- the remaining training can be taken from www.benderfitness.com from her month 1 bikini challenge, using 20 reps for each set, and going throuhg each workout twice.

I can do it.

In the meanwhile, as the lovely Peri says, fitsporation is my porn, so here we go...