26 February 2013

I don't personally eat meat
but what's with the horse meat scandal? People are sooo hypocrite.


I hurt my right arm last week, which is making my already complicated life almost impossible, hence, I'm a bit latent.
I'll be back soon, and be sure I'm still reading and training.

love you all

05 February 2013

what if..

..we were to spend our time out there, taking full advantage of your short life and shorter youth, instead of thinking and thinking and thinking that we're fat?

After all....

One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

(I don't think about you all the time
but when I do I wonder why)

01 February 2013

Not good enough

Went trying wedding gown again this morning (work is FINALLY slow, hallelujah!)

Now, don't hate me for speaking the truth.

Trying wedding gowns can be, for people like us, a very taxing experience. Most of the gowns wouldn't fit, the seller couldn't even pull up the zipper, not even with me blowing out all the air in my chest.
Of course the seller is a nice woman, who'll lie straight to your face, telling you that you're beautiful, and she'll pin extra-tissue everywhere, and try to make you feel beautiful.

The fact that I had to pee badly probably didn't help. Nor the fact that my friend who came along (we're getting married the same week, so we go to try gowns together) is far skinnier than I'll ever be. Well, at least we try very different models.

Finally, how can I possibly spare 3000 Euros on a gown I'll wear once in my life? I can't claim I'm poor, I do  have that kind of money after all these years of work, I do have savings. But let's face the truth, I could feed, dress and send to school 20 kids in Nepal for one year with that kind of money. I can't spend it on a wedding gown.

(but I want it badly.
shut up you stupid asshole.
but I really love it.
yeah and you look like a giant pink and white marshmallow with it. If you were skinny, maybe you could splurge on it, but face it, you look like a fucking whale, so forget about it. Buy a premade dress for 100 USD on the net and shut the fuck up)

I must confess I'm not training enough. I keep having a slight temperature that won't go away, and that makes running very difficult.