23 November 2012

ramblings of an over-worked, over-wight bitch

Work's overwhelming
I have a temperature, probably 'cause I took the flu vaccine yesterday
It always happens to me
I can't spell for fuck's sake today, not in Italian nor in English. (I never could spell in French, so taht doesn't count)

I'm supposed to take full care of one project at a time
I'm on two, and tonight at 20 the dataroom of a third is opening. Yes, firday night. It's because of American Thanksgiving I'm told. Well, fuck it, I'm sorry but should I be thankful for a full weekend of unpaid extra work? because the fuckers didn't manage to open it by wednesday? Fuck them all

Let the skyfall
oh no wait don't
I'm too fat to die, I need to be skinny first, so then I can stay skinny forever

09 November 2012

I'm falling to pieces..

Hungry, for that flesh of mine
But I can't compete with a she wolf who has brought me to my knees


(after 10 days of ban from the gym due to a bad rush on my face (allergies) I'm back to training. so far 360 kcals eaten today, tonight it's going to be binge drinking though... I'll try to stick to smoking instead)

08 November 2012


Next summer will ROCK.

I'm probably going here

And I'm going to be THIS skinny

So, everything will be perfect

(oh, and Mom? last night when I told you I'm not going to have kids, I wasn't lying. Sorry!)