26 September 2016


40 days 'till we leave for Nepal.
Now it's not "just" about being skinny.
I have planned a challenging trek - in order to make it through it, I need to drop weight, or I won't manage.
Meanwhile, I am training hard, so it's even more difficult - I can't afford to drop muscle weight, only fat needs to go.

Everything else right now is pretty much meh

20 September 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the annual September Rut

Luckily, last Saturday I got new eyelash extensions, because man, I need them badly to look human.

My last week in a summary:
run, binge, draw a line and snort it, drink wine, binge, run, repeat.

At least I ran 13.7 miles on Sunday (22km), and I did sprints this morning.

Still, even my fingers look fat.