30 April 2013

Blogger's vacation pics

So, if you're wandering what my vacation was like, well..
it was COLD (I'm the one in the middle...)
It was full of snow and very much sport dedicated

And yet, I didn't lose weight... and that's the reason...

16 April 2013


I'm back, and out of excuses.
Mountaineering ski was amazing, and I'm sure it helped building muscle
carbo load was needed, now it's over, I can start being serious.

Will be in Greece in 42 days AND I need to rock in that bikini, don't I?

God help me, I need to drop 5kg in 42 days. AT least.

Melissa Bender is my new fitspiration.
131lbs this morning (59.4kg). Somewhat beter than yesterday's 132.3lbs (60kg)

Pics of mountaineering ski tour coming soon

08 April 2013

Just give me a reason

Just give me a reason,
just a little bit's eanough
just a second, I'm not broken just fat
and I can learn to fast again

After the rehersal lunch, the load up on carbs today (tomorrow I'm leaving for the annual tour of mountaineering ski with Bro and Dad), skinny seems unreacheable.

4 days with Bro (severely underweight) and Dad (underweight).

PS - the lovely Ancora is back. Love, love love.