28 August 2012

38 days away

In 38 days I'll be flying to Kathmandu.
Nepal will never lose its charm to me, and I long for the time to come.

This year we have planned a very beautiful trek which also very... challenging.

I realized two things:
1. I'm 62 kilos and that's too heavy for what I'll be doing
2. I'm not trained enough.

So I started putting more miles on the treadmill, and I'll need to train real hard over the next 37 days. Which, of course, will be overall a good thing.

03 August 2012

Fat Lucy

And then you wake up one morning and you wear your favorite top, a skirt and it's summer time and everything looks good.

And then you go to work, and time passes, and a certain email reminds you that another year has gone.

And suddenly you realized you just want to come to an end.

(don't worry, I'll be fine. I suspect this depression may be simply announcing another flu. On Friday, as usual)