20 February 2017


Well at least all this training is showing in terms of running results.
Did 18km yesterday (with a bad bronchitis) running at 5'31'' per km, and I wasn't even tired at the end. I mean, I could have run way faster, but after the first 10k my husband wanted to slow down and I preferred running with him than sprinting ahead.
In terms of weight - blah.
I seem forever stuck between 60 and 61 kilos.

All the rest sucks right now

08 February 2017

Lucy at the gym

Do you remember that ana song?

Lucy at the gym
she's there everytime I go
and I don't go that often
so she must live at the gym.

This is how my coworkers talk about me, lately.
I currently have two subscriptions to two different gyms. At one I go with Husband in the morning; at the other (next to the office) I go over lunch break.
I'm training 7 to 9 times a week. Running, swimming and HIIT/Tabata. Fuck I even got a Personal Trainer.
I have about one month to waist (hopefully by mid March I'll have a new job): let's make the best of it right?
Also it's the only thing restraining me from losing it completly at my current work.

Keep on Lucy, keep on working working.....

01 February 2017

Hit the gym

How can you leave me standing,
alone in a world that's so cold
maybe I'm just too demanding
maybe I'm just like my father: too bold.
Maybe I'm just like my mother:
she's never satisfied.

What a complete, utterly total fuck-up.

only possible next thing to do: hit the gym. again. and again.

(you know that they cry)