24 January 2012

Quick update

Dear lovelies,

I'm having a hectic week... in a few hours I'm flying to Denmark, and I'll be back on Thursday night. I'm working very hard on a German project, and, at the same time, I'm passing 4 interviews this week for an amazing job (amazingly well paid).
Guess who recommended me for the Job?
Why, Wolverine of course!

While life's complicated, I met the doctor on Friday and she was happy with my achievements (I dropped 1.8kg over last week, or 4lbs). Let's hope this week goes the same way. I binged over food, alcohol (and something else) last Saturday, but apart from that slip I've been a good girl, anyway I shall see the doctor on Friday so we'll see.

16 January 2012

The Diet - week 1

My new diet will evolve on weekly basis, since I have a weekly appointment with the doctor.
Given my bad habit of eating huge amounts of carbs, she asked me to cut off carbs for the first week, but for breakfast.
Considering my workout plan, she prescribed some low fat cookies or some bread or skimmed milk with Special K plus fresh orange juice for breakfast.
Lunch shall consist of:
- fish OR 1 egg
- salad
- cooked vegetables
- a small slice of bread
- no fat yoghurt

- fish OR 1 egg
- ricotta or light cottage cheese
- vegetables
- fruit

In addition, I'm allowed two fruits snacks over the day and, when for generic reasons (I often eat out due to work) I can't find anything satisfying, I'm allowed some plain rice.

What I especially liked of the doctor is that she seems a no nonsense person. Like, before I even asked, she said that of course there are occasions in which for social reasons I won't be able to stick to the plan, but I should not worry about it; instead, she told me to make sure that on the next day I drink a lot of water and that I eat pineapple (apparently it helps dealing with fat food).

13 January 2012



I've seen a diet specialist this morning. I'm in love her. When I talked about my goals, she did say it's more than I need, but then proceeded adding: the important thing is that you reach a weight that makes you feel comfortable with your body.
Now, I shall not disappoint her, right?

have a lovely weekend!

09 January 2012

Civil War - part II

What we've got here is failure to communicate.
some men, you just can't reach..

Wolverine has put his 2 weeks. He's leaving. My boss is leaving and I'll be damned, for now nobody's gonna stand up for me when promotion time comes, or when salary raise time comes and so on. The whole team I devoted myself to over the last 12 months has left!!!
And he didn't even warn me. I thought we were friends, I really did.

(all these dreams are swept aside)

In the meanwhile, I spent 4 consecutive days stuffing my face with food, proceeded weighting myself this morning, proceeded choking when the scale showed up 137.1lbs, proceeded hitting the gym and running 10km (6miles) at a good pace, and then here at work. UGH. My life needs improvement.

I hope you're all doing good!

05 January 2012

Looking for the skinny girl hidden underneath my fat

If there is one thing I am not, and I have never been, is creative.
Yet I always longed to be one of this talented people who can draw, paint, play an instrument, write something, in an amazing way.
I just don't have this kind of talents and I'm not going to set for something "good enough", so I just leave things at that.

But one thing I used to be. Skinny, that is.

Time flies, and it seems only yesterday I was the skinniest girl in my high school.

This year, I need to reshape my body into a better me.
Since I'm not managing to do it on my own, I just signed up for a check with a doctor who will give me a diet made up accordingly to my food limitations (no meat, and fish only if raw). I know that the first reaction will be that I don't need to drop any more than 2 kg and even that wouldn't be considered as "necessary" (hah hah! what do THEY know?), but I'll make things clear and set out a goal that won't be considered as mad. Then I'll have to report twice a week, so that should me my main motivation, because hey, this is like school, if you don't get good grades it can only mean you're getting bad grades, right?

So far, I'm doing very badly with the weight (I gained 1kg in barely three days), but I'm doing well with my training goals. Tomorrow I'll go skiing (freeriding) with the Sonsor (dad) and Bro, and that is likely to kick my metabolism (a full day of freeriding just the three of us can mean 2000kcals burned in addition to the basal metabolism).

I hope you're doing good lovelies, and if you live in Italy, ask books or clothes for the Befana. don't be tricked with chocolate! ;-)

02 January 2012

Happy new year!

Dear lovelies,

I've been a poor blogger over the last few weeks, and I apologize.

Now in first place: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May you find peace, love, and the exact weight and shape you wish for, and everything else you long for in 2012.

As for me, I want to drop the fat of course.
Now I noticed that a good start is essential in order to achieve our goals in life.
So I decided to hit the gym yesterday (January 1), of course it was closed.
BUT I didn't spend the whole day on the couch. Instead, I cleaned up the house, re-organized the kitchen pantry, ironed and took care of Steve (who's sick, poor baby).
I have been sick on and off over the whole month of December, now I'm going to take good care of myself.

Oh, and today I am skipping lunch and hitting the gym at noon (going to run 10km / 6 miles).

Good luck for this brand new year babies!!