25 May 2011


So I finally got the infamous Laminaria Digitata.
Started taking it yesterday, after waking up at an infamous 62.2kg (137.1lbs), gaaaaaaaa disgusting.
I'll weight on Friday before leaving for Greece... my fat friend has been on this stuff for 3 weeks and lost weight for the first time in her life.. I really need a miracle.

Also, I called my grandmother on Monday, to wish her a happy 88th birthday, and she started crying on the phone. So not our style (we tend to never show emotions, in the family). I kind of panicked. I feel so sorry for her, but there is very little that I can do. She cried because she knows she's 88, she never gets to see people anymore (because they live in a tiny village of 18 inhabitants, and also because Pops has argued with every acquaintance over his life, since he's like that), she never gets to leave the house, she can barely walk on her own, and well, I guess this is enough to make anybody cry, isn't it?

As for the promotion, well, nothing's official yet, and I don't want to jinx it, but I've unofficially been told that I'm on the wagon :-)

Love you all

19 May 2011

Classic beauties? meh

I have nothing left to say.
Each day I stuff my face with food and I don't dare purging... Mainly because all of my colleagues would be aware of it: I HATE WORKING AWAY FROM THE OFFICE. We left 5 weeks ago.

I'm leaving for vacation in 10 days. How the hell am I going to wear a bikini unless I lose at least 8kg (c. 16 lbs) is a total mystery.

Also, on Monday the top management will decide on promotions. If I'm not promoted to Manager, I may as well stop working and dedicate myself full time to job-hunting.

Okay, enough about me. In Italy, somebody posted an article babbling about how classic beauties are not skinny, and making them skinny on photoshop just to show how skinny women are not attractive and this kind of bullshit. Now, honestly? I'm posting the most famous pics, I think they're way sexier than the originals, but still a bit too chubby.

The original Gioconda
The skinny Gioconda

Botticelli's Venus
Skinny Venus

17 May 2011

Work, and 21.5 BMI. Even my shadow is fat

And there is nothing else.
No trace of Ana.

I still have great trouble sleeping (although it is getting a tiny bit better), I'm still a fat hippo (135.6lbs, or 61.5kg or 21.5BMI). Fuck.

Is Salman Rushdie Ana?
I don't think so, yet..

"All my life I worshiped her,
...how she made us feel,
how she made me real,
and the ground beneath her feet...

And now I can't be sure of anything,
for what I worshiped stole my love away...

oh come back!"

09 May 2011

Magic stuff

Song of the day:
how should I feel?
Creatures lie here
looking through the mirror

Breaking news:
Kat, best friend (fat chick) has just announced that she has started taking LaminariaDigitata 4 days ago and she has recorded a "Visible weight loss" (I'm not gonna ask her how much).
Does anyone know this thing? Recommendations?
So I kind of need this stuff NOW because let's be honest, at 136.5lbs (61.9kg) even I wouldn't marry myself. I pretty much feel marriage repellent right now, and let's not even mention I'm leaving for Greece in 20 days. Bikini panic anyone?

Love you all sweeties

PS I haven't slept more than 2 consecutive hours over the last 3 weeks... so forgive mistakes and ramblings... I can't breathe, allergies are kind of killing me. The only solution would be huge amounts of corticone, and right now that's not even an option

04 May 2011


You're disgusting
You smell of puke

You're a fat hippo

Pull your shit together and GET UP