17 December 2012

Guilty pleasure (not food)

I know Peri will forgive me for this.
Rod Stewart was always my guilty pleasure... His new Christmas album? guilty, guilty guilty pleasure
(on my defense, I only listen to it in private)

13 December 2012

Confessions of a workaholic

It's almost 10PM and we're working.
WE means that on this project there are:
- one director (who has just left),
- two Managers (one is me, one is an American guy that states he comes from Georgia but I think he comes from Jupiter or maybe somewhere more remote)
- three executives: a nice Mexican girl, an Italian Plain Jane, and this chick that thinks she's a genius that's wasted on this job.

I don't really like the last one, who tries to boss around the other two executives, and complains the whole time.

Now it's late, we're all very tired and pissed, and this bitch is eating cookies. Right next to me.
I hope she chokes.

12 December 2012

Wedding thinspo

I still have trouble believing it's for real.

I've been wanting this for so long. No one in my family has reached my age without being married.

Now I really just want to go home and tell my parents.

Here's some wedding thinspo

11 December 2012

lowest weigh of 2012

58.9kg. 129.9 lbs. BMI: 20.6.

Lowest weight of this year (so far).
I'm doing good.
Worked out last night (boot camp at home), went to the gym this morning (ran 7km (4.2 miles) fast), did pull-ups and abs).
This is the current routine:
6.15 - alarm goes off. Snooze it.
6.25 alarm again. Wake up and stumble out of bed.
three times a week I then go to the gym, stepping in at 7 AM. at 8.50 I'm at work.
the other days, I make coffee, go back to bed for breakfast and at 8 I'm at work.
Lunch is either sashimi or tuna salad.
I leave work somewhere between 9 and 11 PM
If I'm home by 10PM, I do half an hour of training with some DVD
I usually chunk down a little something - greens, or even 200kcals in carbs if I have trained at least once during the day (which usually is the case).

And then, bed.

S is away for work, and he'll spend away mondays to fridays for the next 3 months. I can see skinny-ness approaching.

10 December 2012

Boot camp

Too busy to blog gals.... I want to put together a wedding thinspo, but in the meanwhile, check out this:

Amazing boot camp

I'll start this tonight (on top of my usual work-out at the gym)
Please let me know if anyone wants to join me!
I'll start the training program tonight, after Xmas I'll consider the food plan (depending on how I'm doing with the weight). I'd love to have someone to share the motivation with!


03 December 2012

The Deal

I have very little time and I'm quite absent from Blogger lately.
But I feel I have to share this.

I'm getting Married!!

now, you all now I'm as happy as one can be and bla bla

The thing is: now I have no excuses. In order to fit into the dress (which I already have, long story for another day), I need to lose a lot of weight.
Let's start!