27 July 2012

Queen of nothing

I would like to know
whose governing the world,
and what would they say to whose unemployed
I would like to know
how to fall
and then get back up
without hurting.

I'm just a guy
remember I AM
I'm the queen of nothing, and the nothing goes to the best

I am without a bed
but a roof would be enough
at least 'till tomorrow
before the tide rolls in!

Working to count
cannot be defined as orgasmic
better to get mad
than vegetate here

I am without a bed
but a roof would be enough
at least 'till tomorrow
before the tide rolls in!

23 July 2012

Last Wednesday evening a slow depression started building up in my brains.
Thursday I felt slightly unsatisfied, Friday I was def unhappy and badly emotional.
Like, an ambulance passed on the street with sirens on and I had to hide into the bathroom (at work) because I felt I was going to cry.
At this point I realized something was wrong.
When I managed to get home from work (like at 9PM... I'm currently working 8AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday, no overtime paid of course), I was running a fever, and ended up being sick over the whole weekend.


Anyway, lovelies, I'm going to the sea on Saturday... which means wearing a bikini in front of the world... Which is very bad.
I need to starve this week.

16 July 2012

Get the fuck up

It's time to stop the massive bullshit I'm telling myself

I just need to stop the carbs, kick ass at the gym and remember myself that crying about what I am the sole responsible of is downright stupid.

Stop the calories, stop the laziness.
I can do it

(no, I'm not a drunk, and puking on myself is not usual ;-) It was just the consequence of bad dehydration. Although I get tipsy maybe once/twice a month, I don't think I have problems with alcohol.)

Still, I need to remember I have to drink MORE WATER.

12 July 2012

Borotalco, Lucy's madness

Hey lovelies,

the dear bunny Borotalco turned out to be a she-bunny... So now she lives at my parents' place, where she has access to the garden at day time and a big beautiful cage at night (we have foxes roaming at night, so she has to be locked up).
It seems that she is starting to recover from her anxiety, and Bro's kids have been warned that she need to be treated extremely gently.

So that's the good news!

Weight-wise there is no news to speak of, Mom told me last Sunday "Do NOT eat biscuits! What are you, dumb?" Okay, thank-you mom, I got the message right and clear.

Last Friday night I got so annihilated at a party that I practically bit off the neck of a friend (co-worker) in front of half of the office. The funny thing is most of people were so wasted on alcohol that nobody remembers (the exceptions, including me, were annihilated on cocaine, and won't talk about that night).
Then I forgot to drink water when I got home, and didn't drink water for over 20 hours. Combine that with the 30 degrees we're having days and night, and yes, I got sever dehydration. Woke up in the morning, got a bottle of water, and after the first gulp I started puking my brains everywhere in the house. Nooooooot classy, I know.
Proceeded puking at every gulp of water, until the little brains I had left suggested I had ice-cream in the fridge, which proved to be the solution.

I know, I am a total mess.

(once again, there is a good thing: S was snoring all the morning, so he didn't get to see me lying naked on the bathroom floor with vomit tangles in my hair. when he woke up, I was still shaking, but both bathroom and I were cleaned up)

03 July 2012

Welcome my bunny Borotalco

Let's face it: I'm a cow.

So now allow me to move on to more pleasant stuff.
We temporarily have a rabbit at home. It was going to e put down because its previous owner decided they were bored of cleaning the cage... so we offered to take it.

The long term plan is, if it's a male, that it will go to live with Bro's family: they already have a rabbit of the same kind, who is free to roam as it likes in the garden day time (at night we have to lock up animals because of foxes).
If it's a female.. we'll keep her until we find a better solution: truthfully, I hate having animals in cages.

The problem is the poor thing, who's 5 or 6 months old I guess, has never got out of its cage (a small one) for most of its life. Now, I put the cage in the bathroom (only room with no dangers for the rabbit), and I let the cage door open, so it can get in and out as it likes.

After two days, it still doesn't leave the cage!
I don't want to force it out, because the poor bunny is so scared of EVERYTHING already, I'm worried about it!

It looks like this one (very tiny though, and with more black - less white). we named it Borotalco.