19 January 2011

Skinny past

I’m never tired of writing it: once upon a time, I was skinny. For real.

What never occurred me is, back when I was skinny, I was a real puta! Really guys, it never occurred me before. Now that I’m fat, I realize this depended on two factors:

- men used to hit on me all the time

- I was more confident in my skinny body than I am now in my fatty one.

(Thinking about it now, those days I should have worn a T-shirt à la David Guetta with a good slogan such as “FUCK ME, I’m Skinny!”).

I mean, let’s face it. I always thought Steve was a bit of a man-whore, and I recently found out I’ve had sex with more people he did (when I say I found out, it means, I found out and he didn’t, thanx god!).

I always thought that I was an average girl (I’m 28 and I’ve slept with circa 30 guys) dating prude guys (lol), but finding out that even Steve is less experienced than I am… Well, all I can say is, not displaying the full whore-mode when we first started dating was, in retrospect, a genius moves on my side!

Just to be clear, I haven’t slept with anyone but Steve and the ex over the last 5 years (and Alejandro, but I’d never admit this to anyone I know, plus he was an ex from the past so that shouldn't really count).

(all in all the saddest thing is, in my dreams I’m still the skinny bitch I was 10 years ago. Always. I never dream of fat Lucy, not even in nightmares. And when I look into the mirror, I still expect Lucy’s Shadw to stare back of me. Instead, it’s always fat Lucy)

Anyway, enough of my (past) sluttiness.

The thing is, girls, I’ve been busy and overworked, I may still be, but I’m back on the wagon.

Weighted 132.3lbs (60kg) on Monday morning, but I am back in control, with 129.9lbs (58.9kg) this morning and starting the Sacred Heart diet once again (I already prepared the soup last night + I hit the gym this morning after 15 days of laziness). A bit old-fashioned maybe, but the sacred heart diet always worked for me.

So, fuck fad diet haters, I’m going to rock it. I’ll need all your support girls!!

PS: Why am I not fasting? Well, I don’t feel ready for a real fast, and I lack the right motivation. I lack my all times favorite fast buddy, the great Marcus. But alas, Marcus went to university in autumn and has been MIA since. I hope you’re happy and skinny Marcus, but you are missed.

06 January 2011

Thinspiration: Disney princesses contest

Well, I somehow lost 0.7lbs from yesterday. Better than nothing, I'm still liquid fasting though. I only had a glass of skinned milk for breakfast this morning, and the juice of a single orange last night. The plan is to have an orange at lunch (in a couple minutes) and a cup of light vegetable stock for dinner (c. 30kcals).

Anyway, why have we been so obsessed with being skinny since kids? The answer is, have you ever heard of a fat princess meeting a charming prince before Shrek came out? No, you haven't. And when Shrek came out, I was already past the important phase of imprinting (I know, I'm an old spinster).

So, let's talk about skinny Disney princesses.

N.6: Cinderella
I always thought Sinderella (who was by far the most popular one back in the 80s) is a bit chuddy... however, I was wrong OR, over the years she must have lost weight, because look at her...
N. 5: Belle
Poor Belle was never my favourite. She kept eating those delicious obscene meals... bleah.. one would bet she throws up the minute we look away, or else how could she be so skinny?

N.4: Jasmine
Jasmine has abs to kill for. Then again, we never saw Cinderella, Belle, Snow white or Aurora abs, have we? And when I was a kid I never thought I could get dressed like that (later I took full advantage of this kind of clothes, back when I was skinny I mean)
N.3: Ariel
Now, I think a mermaid is the sexiest thing ever. Why only third place? how the hell could she give away that tail for a stupid prince and a fluffy dress that makes her butt looks twice its original size?

N.2: Tinkerbell
She barely existed when I was 6. Now, she's my niece's hero. And since the kid's mother is fat (kid's skinny so far, but she's only 6) I'm grateful she has a good model.
(That doesn't change the fact that tinkerbell's more dressed like a big puta than like a fairy)

N.1: the winner is... AURORA!
Aurora was, in my mind, always the most beautiful princess. I love her dress (never had one for carnival), her hair (mine is the same just slightly darker), her naked shoulders (mine will never look the same), her tiny waist (I'm working on that)

So what about you girls?

05 January 2011

Happy New Year!


happy new year!

I won’t even try asking what are your resolution… the right question is: how much? How much weight do you figure you can lose in 2011?

I did not behave. Am currently 59.4kg aka 131.0lbs

Shame on me, I know.

On the bright side, I spent 10 days with my love, and loved every second of it. I was too happy, and the 10 days were too short to spoil them with food issues.

Then I came back to work just to find the same shitty reality I had left on December 24. And of course, on the second day back to work (yesterday) I caught the flue, so I’ve been running a temperature. Tomorrow is holiday in Italy, but guess what? I will be working.

Enough about that. I. Need. To. Lose. Weight.

And I can do it.

Since this bank holiday will be no holiday for me, I figured I’ll simply fast through it.

My resolution?

Get to 52kg – 115lbs

(although of course, 50 kg aka 110lbs would be better)

I know I can do it.