30 September 2014

Half marathon

Ladies and gentlemen,

Truly yours ran the half marathon (trail) last Sunday in 2h01m
So fucking proud of myself.

The rest, is entirely gah. My life looks like shit and stinks like shit right now and you know why? It's because IT IS shit.

25 September 2014

Miserable and Dietbet

After waking up this morning and feeling miserable all day long (the scale spat out an insulting 132.1lbs), I joined a Dietbet bet (here)
The rest?
Work? Work sucks so badly I don't even wanna start ranting 'bout it.
Friends? well, all my friends have moved away / are in the process of moving oversea. In addition, they're so skinny I want to die when I walk around with them.

So, here's the plan.
2-Husband and I have a half marathon on Sunday (won't be running all the time, but a good chunk running and the rest walking - aiming at 2h30)
3- Next week Husband will be in the Netherlands, so I can cut food and
4- Practice my new Jillian Michaels' DVD (Yoga Inferno) and
5- put in action some BenderFitness workout and
6- drag my fat ass to the gym for some additional running.

Good luck Lucy

09 September 2014


Summer's gone, and I'm so FUCKING struggling

I've finally had a SERIOUS business idea for a start-up. The only issue is, I really need to get skinny for it to happen. I know what it sounds like, but believe me, it's true.

Also, I'm back to virtually vegetarian regime. (virtually = I will eat meat/fish if there's no option to skip them without embarassing my in-law. So, I may end up doing it few times a year). I read one of those horror books about intensive farming and well..
I mean, after all, I have been veg for 8 straight years in my life so it shouldn't be a big issue.

Got a hell of a week - am in Rome now, will be in central Italy tomorrow morning, then Prague from tomorrow night till Monday morning, then back in Milan.
(upside: last time I've been in Prague I didn't buy anything to eat for 7 days. My mom had baked me some bread and I didn't touch any local food which I found, with no exception whatsoever, utterly disgusting - let's hope things haven't changed)