21 October 2010

Leaving on a jet plane


I'm going to Nepal. I'll be trekking up to Everest Base Camp.
I'm confident that this will boost my metabolism and help me drop weight.

Of course I'll have zero internet access.

I will be back on November 8.



18 October 2010

Ask me to wear white for you, and I'll be yours forever

This body? I'd kill to have it!

Instead of asking me, he's leaving in 5 days. And I'm hopelessly in love.
A few nights ago he said "When in ten months we'll still be in love as we are now, we shall get married".

My hair looks just like that. How come my body DOESN'T?

12 October 2010

Scenes from last weekend

Act 1, in a small boutique, while I’m trying a lovely white, warm racket I fancy

Mother “You don’t look good in those jeans”

Lucy (shadow? This is fat Lucy talkin’, no shadows here) “Umh you always say that, no matter what jeans I’m wearing, mother”

Mother “Yeah, the thing is, you’re not 17 anymore, and more important you’re not 45 kilos anymore, so you should stop wearing jeans altogether”

Lucy * keeps quiet and desperately tries to swallow her tears back, while handling her Amex to pay for her jacket. Silently wishing she could just lose weight by paying with her Amex.

Act 2, dinner party at next door neighbor (aged 52), about 35 people attending

NDN (on his way to drunk-ness) “You know, Lucy here, you should see what a nice boyfriend she has now!”

Another friend “Yeah totally, don’t let him go Lucy, he totally seems a great guy, plus he’s gorgeous”

NDN “Yeah well, you should probably drop a couple pounds if you want to keep him”

(Note: NDN is obese, not just overweight. My BMI is currently 20. Awful, I know, but do I deserve all this?

Also, sorry for the lack of posting.

I cough a flue that is still lingering, and I’m working 60-70 hours per week. It’s all pretty insane. I keep reading you though.

I love you all!!