15 March 2016

Where is my time?

Did I say Kayla Itsines?
hahah seriously I barely have the energy to put the dishes in the dishwasher at night.

Work is hectic, demanding and stressful. Commuting eats away my spare time.
Yet, stress is good apparently. I did wake up this morning to an unexpected 59.8kg (131.8lbs) or 20.9 BMI.
Far from good, but still somewhat better than 21BMI, right?

Problem is, to quote The Oatmeal (a long distance runner and comics writer) "They say you should treat your body like a temple. I treat mine as a fast moving dumpster"
Truly yours

10 March 2016


The second day post a long run is always a nightmare. My muscles are extra-sore when I wake up, and the weight is always up (I have finally come to terms with the fact that it is really water weight - my body (which is prone to dehydration) probably freaks out from all the sweating that comes on a long run and on the following 36 hours stocks water like crazy.
Now I got up this morning with a slightly better 132.1 lbs (59.9kg) or 21.0 BMI.
It is Thursday.
I shall not fuck up today, nor tomorrow, nor over the weekend.
Also, We should run 20km on Sunday (12.4 miles), so that should help getting rid of the half pizza I'll have on Saturday night (we're visiting Hubby's family, so Sat night is pizza).
If I can manage to see anything below 60kg on Monday morning on the scale, I'll be a happy girl.

On a side note, I'm really starting the Kayla Itsines training program. Instead of her LIIS (walking) days, I'll squeeze in my 3 weekly runs. We'll see. Good luck with the upcoming weekend beauties

07 March 2016

Half MArathon done

So, why I wouldn't say I nailed the half marathon, it was overall fine. I ended in 1h57'33'', which was acceptable considering (stop reading if you don't like horrors) I had been pooping liquid horrible staff all morning until 5 minutes before the start.

The big surprise was Hubby, who nailed it with 1h54' 40''!

OF course the weight went up instead of down, and I woke up this morning with a horrible 133.4lbs (60.5kg) or 21.2BMI. Meh

01 March 2016

Waiting for The Miracle

Let’s start back from the beginning, shall we?
Since anyways, I am back to the weight I was when I started this blog, so…
Let us remember, the name.

Baby I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting night and day. I didn’t see the time, now I’ve waited half my life away (…) but I was waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

The truth is undeniable: I’m 133lbs, 21.1BMI. (The maestro says it’s Mozart, but it sounds like bubblegum when you’re waiting for the miracle to come. Nothing left to do when you’re begging for a crown, nothing left to do when you’re waiting for the miracle to come)

Let’s face it ladies: if Leonardo DiCaprio managed to get the Oscar (for his worst interpretation ever) I can manage to get skinny. Or at least, less fat.

For the sake of statistics, I run so far 172km this year (107 miles)

The half marathon is on Sunday, I barely hope I can run it till the end. Then, serious restricting begins.