27 June 2013

not good enough

Inexorably sliding into unhappiness

Hiked Monte Rosa (4.550mt) on Tuesday, and that helped dropping 2kg (which I had previously gained during the weekend).
(Ski touring like that corresponds to 8 hours straight at the gym - it is fucking hard and rewarding t the same time)

"Dad, Mum hates my wedding dress, and everybody else does"
"Lucy, it's probably just the picture that doesn't make it any justice. I'm sure you'll look great with it"
(thank-you dad, I love you very much)

Before the hike I was sure I was not trained enough and worried I was goign to be a burden for Dad and Bro.
It turned out, I was in the best shape, and I had to drag Dad along.
Yet, they are both so skinny, and I am not.

Finally, after my washing machine broke last night, my landlady apparently wants to move in, which means S and i have to be out of the flat by the end of September.
With our wedding on sep4, and our honeymoon right after.


On a better note, we'll be in Aruba 10 days in September and then in NYC for 4 days. Can't wait.

19 June 2013

sharing the first tiny bits

Okay ladies,

this is (almost) it:

Imagine it in white, without the applications on the waist, ans well, it falls better than this (the model has her hands in the pockets, which I guess is something you don't normally do when walking down the aisle), and it gets right to my knees...
... and then yes, that's my wedding dress.

now, if I only can manage to drop like 100 pounds before the date, everything will be perfect

12 June 2013

Pills from Vacay

Vacation's over, and work is up to 16 hours per day
no serious posting

Anyway, here's a short story from vacation

On our last night in Mykonos we were partying at Paradise beach (Club Tropicana), which is crazy and amazing.
Halk nakked (string and minuscule bra) dancers on the blocks, and then we have this girl waiting our table, and honestly?
She was the best fitspo I've ever seen in y life. Like, the real thing.
So after a couple drinks, we chatted for a couple minutes and I blurted "You are so fit! You should be dancing on the blocks, not those flabby ass chicks!"
And she was all "Really? do you really think so?" (me nodding vigorously) "Oh thank-you so much for saying soooo!!!" and then she hugged me AND kissed me on the lips, with S watching and then laughing his ass off!

Stay strong girl, and check out, Ana Regzig is back!!