23 February 2016

Random fast and slow running

Spent the weekend doing tough work outdoors at my parents place, which somehow counterbalanced the stuffing food in my face, since I'm at an embarrassing lowest weight of the year (still too heavy, still heavier than any time last year, fuck me).

I also fasted 24 hours (involuntary, it just happened). Basically I skipped dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday morning, then Sat at lunch (after working at the demolition of the porch on the front deck of the house) I went running and then I thought I was not running as fast as I wished, then I realized I probably was lacking the fuel for a fast run, so I headed uphill instead.

Mom promised to cut the last 2cm of my hair (which I usually wear waist-length). She cut something like 15-20cm. Fuck it. It's gonna take months and months to grow it again.

On a final note, after the mild winter we had, my spring allergies are already back. ugh.

BMI: 21.1 whatever

16 February 2016

Everything is awesome

Although everything is awesome
I won't take it personally
it may be I'm dreming the wrong dreams
a bit delusional
right now
they belong to me


I sucked at the gym this morning

15 February 2016


And I do keep running; hell, I'm even on track with my 2016 goal so far (I want to run 1000km, and I'm currently at 135, in line with the goal).
But I am so fat.
Hell, I've been below 130lbs throughout all 2015, now what is wrong with me?
Yesterday I even put in 18km under pouring rain.
Next summer we're going to the US on vacation, Colorado Springs (hub has some work there) + Yellowstone + NYC with my 2 fave bitches.


10 February 2016

Chasin' you

These four lonely walls have changed the way I feel,
the way I feel, - I'm standing still
And nothing else matters now, you're not here
So where are you? I've been calling you. I'm missing you

Where else can I go Where else can I go?
chasin' you, chasin' you
Memories turn to dust
please don't bury us,
I got you, I got you

Runnin' runnin' Runnin' runnin'
I'm runnin' from myself nomore
Together we will win it all
I ain't Runnin' runnin' Runnin' runnin'
I'm runnin' from myself nomore
I am ready to face it all:
If I lose myself I lose it all


Where else can I go? And where else can I go

Meanwhile, I'm actually running quite a lot and dreaming of running more.
Today the sun shines, and I feel like I'll magically drop 10kg just thinking about it.