14 February 2011

Valentine fast

Ladies & Gentlemen!

The first 2011 fast has officially begun, together with the greatest and unique Marcus from "Do you like lemons?" (be sure to check out his blog if you don't already know it!)
Somehow, I can't help preferring "wanna-be skinny" boys. Girls, forgive me, but the thing is this: I'm not a competitive person, and fasting with a girl has always something of a competition (which works for many, but not so good for me). Fasting with a boy just feels like mutual support, you know?

Anyway, I spent a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, preparing St. Valentine dinners and lunches, so I weighted this very morning:
131.4lbs (59.6kg)
BMI 20.9

Let's see how far I can take it with Marcus' help!

And of course, anyone wanting to join us fasting is welcome!!!

10 February 2011

St. Valentine and fasting

I went back to the gym, basically because I need it more than anything.
Winter will soon be over, and in less than a month my allergies will start: unless I'm very well trained by the end of march my asthma will kick in, and I won't be able to do anything unless I stuff my body with cortisone, which would result in gaining 5 kg at least.
So training is the top priority right now.

I'm not doing good with food either, and with Valentine's weekend ahead... well, at least on Monday I'll start fasting together with the lovely Marcus, and I can't wait for it!!

I love you all sweeties
I hope you will have a lovely weekend


07 February 2011

Soon I'll stand up again

I was doing good, and then I messed up again, and I’m, once more, ashamed to confess my scale this morning screamed 131.6lbs back at me (59.7kg).

In addition, On Friday I’m flying to London and I’ll carry a tons of foods to celebrate St. Valentine with my love. I’m talking pure carbs: I’ve got polenta, porcini mushrooms, 2 different kinds of cheese, heart shaped cookies, plus (just for him) salami and chocolate (I bought plenty of cheese and chocolate in Switzerland over the weekend).

I’m hitting the gym 4 times a week (plus I’ve been freeriding yesterday), but I know it’s not enough.

I know it’s no excuse, but work is so hard, I can’t seem to fast like I used to. I’m hoping to do it next week, maybe with Marcus (buddy, please tell me you’re in: together, we can do it!)

I’m sorry I’m not posting as often as I used to: I can’t seem to give my life that spark I had last spring/summer. Most likely, it’s the same spark that helped me losing weight at the time.

But I DO know I have to get skinny soon: the mountaineering ski season is starting in a month (and I’m too heavy to carry myself up to the top of the Alps highest peaks), swimming suit season will start in May, and I seriously need a skinnier body for that.

Then, I’ll hang out at the lake, ride my Vespa, swim and sale, and my life will once again shine.

Or maybe, with Steve so far away, the shining is gone, but I’ll be strong and stand up for my mind’s sake.