10 September 2011

In my secret life

Although I had at least 200kcals of French fries last night (due to celebrations with an old friend), I am still losing, and I woke up this morning at 134lbs (60.8). I’m dropping 250gr on average on good days (c.0.6lbs).

Depending on my mood, it feels somewhere between barely okay and definitely not enough.

But could I possibly drop faster? Considering I’m working every day well over 12 hours, up to 15? I mean, I even went to the gym 4 times so far this week.

Every time I step in front of a mirror, I expect to see the skinny girl I used to be. Instead I get a blobby mess staring back at me. I proved to be capable to go down to 118lbs (54kg) last year, but that’s still 18.9BMI. Still blobby.

What I want is what I used to be as a teenager: 104lbs. 47kg. 16.5 BMI.

The only time in my adult life I got back to that weight, I screwed up work, and that I can’t do. Because even if no money is no food, I need a place to live, I need to pay the gym fee, I need nourishment for my soul.

Somehow, after all this time, I’m still waiting for a miracle to come.

07 September 2011

kinda tired

I've been working for 14 solid hours. I have 3 more hours ahead, than 8 hours off, than I'll have 15 hours working and 7 off for the next .... ugh..... 9 days.
(no I'm not paid for overtime).

how am I supposed to train?

anyway, I gained two kilos over the weekend, then lost them again between monday morning and this morning (wednesday). I hope to be 60kg (132.3lbs) by September 16. that will still be disgusting. Maybe I should aim lower.
fuck it, I need to get back to work.
lots of love

02 September 2011


It's awfully slow, but it's progress.
I'm at 134.9 (61.2kg). Disgusting I know, but still a tiny bit less disgusting than 138.

Work is awful again, I'm working with a two faced bitch for over 14 hours a day.

Luckily I'm leaving tonight for London - can't wait to be in Steve's arms.

In 32 days I'll be leaving for Nepal - goal weight for that date: 128lbs (still fat, but it's just a first goal).

Time flies, I can't believe summer's over, I can't believe September only has 4 weekend, I would need at least 7 weekends to do all I have to do. Still, weekends = weight gain, so that's a good thing there aren't too many I guess

Will update more next week - right now I'm really out of time