06 June 2017

random thoughts

Last Saturday we ran 28km, with 800mt gain. (that's 17.4 miles, for you sillies, with roughly 2600 feet of gain)

Then I went swimming on Monday (1100meters, probably 1200 yards), and running this morning (6km on the treadmill, you sillies figure that out on your own).
Can someone tell me how the fuck did I GAIN 1kg over the weekend with all that running involved?

Marine, my skinny bitch BFF is flying in on Saturday from NYC. We last met two years ago and I look like a fat cow
Marina, who is probably 5ft2 for a total weight of 100lbs (somewhere around 158cm for 45kg) makes me feel ginourmous. I love her to pieces, but I kinda feel better that the husbands will be around as well (both our hubbies are big guys).

I miss Marina
I hate her for being so skinnier than me
I hate that she and Jon left us behind when they moved to NYC

I remember those nights of cocaine and champagne, sneaking into one bathroom stall just the two of us with half of the girls thinking she and I had a thing. It was so much fun