25 March 2013

Cabbage soup = back to the basics

"But I do try, every single day, Mom, you know? I wake uop and promise myself today I'm changing things, today I'm sticking to salad, and then by noon I've already eaten so many calories it's uselss to stop"

That was me yesterday. Weekend was full of food, and I trained way less than I was supposed to last week. Also, I've been away for work, and living in hotels eating all the time at restaurants with colleagues don't help. I hate the woman I'm working with. She hates me. This is kinda stressful.

Anyway, S is away the whole week, and my Mom has prepared me a whole pot of cabbage soup for the week.. I guess it's time to take the hint right?

19 March 2013

P!nk - Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess

she's always so inspiring
(and so fit and skinny)

(we can learn to be skinny again)

11 March 2013


I guess this post is long overdue
I'm spending all my (little) spare time home-hunting, since I'm looking for a flat to buy.

If there's one thing that I hate almost as gaining weight, is house hunting.

I've been alternating hard-training with total absence from the gym, due to work.
In the meanwhile, have you ever checked out www.melissabender.com ?
This chick is amazing really.

Also, the lovely Miss Burton is back! Which is great really.
When she's gone, she's always among the ones I miss most. The other ones?
There are so many..

Lilith (used to be Pro-Ana)
American Eagle
Marcus (possibly the one I miss most)

I think Peridot should be mentioned: I love you girl, and luckily, you never leave us.

Weight wise, I seem to be stuck around 130lbs. I keep getting down to that by Friday, just to get back to 132-133 over weekends.
Yet, this needs to change pronto.

Love you all