30 October 2012

time for action

Running. Sweating, throwing my legs in front of me for another step.
Panting, breathing, coughing, still running.
On to the pull-ups, my t-shirt is so sweaty it's beyond disgusting.
Drink water
The pull-ups are so hard, I realize even my neck muscles are extremely tense.

Why do they put sugar in vitamin tablets? why?


Count calories.

S wants to stop and buy doughnuts, resist and eat an apple.

Veg soup tonight, two felafel at lunch should be alright. One is more than enough.

I'm wearing a beautiful shirt I haven't fit in for two years.

I'd do anything to stay below 60 kilos now I'm here. I need to get to 55 before Christmas: it's called prevention

26 October 2012


Nepal was amazing as always.
200km on foot, up to 5550mt, days and days of awesomeness.

(somehow, I managed to drop a couple of kilos. Am working to drop more. I hope you are all doing well, I'm slowly catching up on your blogs)

04 October 2012

Thank-you silence

Tomorrow night I'll drive to the lake to see my parents and pack everything, and on Saturday evening I'll be on my flight to Doha (sigh) and then to Kathmandu (yesssss). This morning I trained for the last time, now it's two days of rest before we start hiking.

I can't even tell you how I can't wait!!

It's the third time I have the opportunity to trek in Nepal. Two years ago I was in Khumbu valley up to Everest Base camp, then last year I did the Annapurna trek.
This year it's Khumbu again, but passing through Gokyo instead of the traditional trek, then reaching Kala Pattar through Cho La (LA meas Pass).

The lake scenes of this trailer were filmed where I'll be trekking.

The silence of those places that can only be reached on foot is an experience that everybody coming from Western countries should try once in their lives.

Weightwise, I'm not doing very well; however, I built a lot of muscle and dropped as much fat. Everybody says it shows.

I'll be back on October 24, in the meanwhile, you lovely beings all take care of yourselves.