22 November 2013

Missing Wolverine

In sleep he works with me
In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me
and speaks my name
and do I dream again?
For now I find
Wolverine my boss is here
inside my mind

Dreamed of Wolverine (my ex-boss, here) three times over the last 4 days.

A sign? Dunno. I sure miss him at work. Stockholm syndrome? totally.

21 November 2013

overdue update - crazy, toys in the attic she is crazy.....

So, I don't really know how to address this. I'm a person who does not believe in supernatural. Like, at all.
Yet, I keep reading Stephen King's books and then spend sleepless nights convinced that zombies will come out of my closet (and Pennywise from IT? It exists. Let's not even talk about IT).

having said that, daytime I'm not scared by strange things. Ok I dunno how to say this.

I see something that is not there.

At work, I moved recently to a different part of the open space. On my left there is a floor to ceiling glass wall from which I see an internal garden (no accessible on foot).
When I look at my computer screen, with the left corner of my eye I see someone standing outside.
There is no one standing outside.
Clearly, this is some visual trick caused by shadows or whatever.

It is driving me nuts.

Quick update on the rest.
I'm fat.
This morning I went running for the first time in months due to my hip problem. So far so good. maybe I can finally get back to running.
Nonno is dying according to dad. Then again, this is not the first time I hear this. He is supposedly slowly fading away (by which I mean he's more and more absent and sleeps more and more), so dying of old age (he's 90). If he lives another two months, he'll have his other leg taken. I sincerely wish him to die peacefully of age before that happens.

(I hate funerals and I look like a cold bitch at funerals. Worse, in a ubercatholic country like this, I don't know the mandatory answers to the priest at church)

Last, I passed 4 interviews for a new job. We'll see.