23 May 2017


As we travel up the valley, the environment changes.
I grew up in the Alps, so I wouldn't say anything is entirely unfamiliar, but this is exactly how I would have imagined Alaska. Days go by, and the river we follow upstream gets smaller but at the same time seems to carry more energy. Its waters, more and more opaque from the sand in it, begin carrying pieces of ice.
The mountains are what makes me feel at ease. Dark and towering over us, yet their presence is somehow reassuring.

Through my past vacation/trekking experiences, I knew how I feel about walking for days (weeks?). Something in your spiritual sphere changes after a couple days. It's no longer about "what time is it". Rather, how long 'till night falls, or how many more days will we continue.

Even the first snowflakes do not seem to trigger anything but subdued admiration.

All my family, all the ones I care about are united in this journey, and there is no need to talk about feelings. Sensations are enough.
I enjoy the cold, the warm sum on my face at noon, the sight of a bird stretching its wings before it takes off.

The realization comes slowly, it builds up in my mind day after day and when I finally understand why we are all here, I can't say I'm surprised.

We are walking to my death, and it is soothing in a way to know that everything will be okay, I'll die and the river will take me (?)

When I wake up, I'm not even sad.

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Fated2One said...

These dreams are
I have my days where I enjoy life, but even on those days these dreams are welcome at night.