05 July 2017

What do they see

We attended a wedding in Portugal, husband and I. Weather was horrible until minutes before the wedding, then turned into sunny and windy and everything was awesome.
I was nervous as a lot of former colleagues were there and I kept thinking "They'll see how fat I've become".

The bride was cute and skinny, with a lot of bones showing on her back.

And then, suddenly, one hour or so into the reception, I realized that the photographs had been all over me all the time. Like seriously, they later posted 4 pics of bride and groom on their website... and two of myself. Granted, no Victoria's Angels were attending, but still.

Husband and me, ready to go to the wedding. The dress hides my ugly tights thanks God, but the sad truth is that mirror was slimming


Anonymous said...

Are you for real?! YOU ARE GORGEOUS.
You and your husband are a striking couple. I'm sure rhe bride was divine but few could hold a candle to you and you are ridiculously fit and healthy. Have fun in Portugal. I hear it is a great place to holiday.

Lucy's Shadow said...

Thank-you for the compliment, really
It's... it's just not what I see. I don't want to sound rude or a horrible person... but I can't help of feeling ashamed of myself when I look at my hips and my belly.
Still - thank-you, really :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I understand. I just thought you should know what i see!!